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Step 1

Generate AI captions

Air Caption artificial intelligence audio and video speech to text transcription to text using OpenAI whisper icon

Step 2

Review & edit

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Step 3

Export caption file

Air Caption export captions & subtitles to SRT, VTT, TXT or video icon

Connect With More People

Subtitle video in up to 60 languages using the power of AI. (beta)

Air Caption accurate free transcription using OpenAI whisper

Latest and greatest AI models from OpenAI.

Run Open AI whisper on local machine for extra privacy

No internet required. Works entirely offline.

Take output from OpenAI whisper and edit captions & subtitles on Air Caption before export as SRT, VTT

Easily edit text and timing of captions.

Air Caption speed up editing captions & subtitles using hotkeys

Hotkeys for maximum speed.

Air Caption import & edit SRT & VTT caption & subtitle files

Import and edit existing caption files.

Air Caption program to run OpenAI whisper free on windows, mac intel & mac apple silicon

Available for Mac and Windows.

Privacy First.

Your media and captions never leave your computer.

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Who uses AirCaption?

Video Editors

Transcribe then search raw footage. Accurately subtitle final video.


Transcribe episodes for blog posts or audience captions.

Language Learners

Subtitles aid language learners in understanding spoken content, facilitating comprehension.

Legal Professionals

Transcribe depositions, court hearings, or legal proceedings.


Caption promotional videos to increase engagement, reach a wider audience & improve SEO.


Transcribe interviews and audio recordings for analysis.

Event Organizers

Caption recorded event videos for better accessibility.

Online Course Creators

Enhance the learning experience by adding captions to course videos, aiding comprehension


Transcribe interviews or press briefings for accurate reporting.

"This is the best locally running automatic speech recognition tool I've found."


"I have spent many hours using the software so far. I find the speech to text AI so much better than anything else I have been using for the transcription that I am also using the text export as my transcript."

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